Mess-Free Sensory Fall Leaf Painting

Mess-Free Sensory Fall Leaf Painting

The other day at Learning Ship Christian Preschool they did this mess-free sensory fall leaf painting activity! It is a wonderful idea and a great way to explore the changing colors that happen with the Fall season in a manner that engages the senses.

It is always magical for children to watch as leaves change color and now they can make it happen right in front of their eyes thanks to this hands-on Autumn art idea!

Learning Ship Christian Preschool


How the Mess-Free Sensory Fall Leaf Painting Activity Works

The paper leaf cut-out is put on a plastic plate with a bit of paint atop it and then put inside a resealable bag (like a Ziploc-brand bag). With the paint sealed away little hands don't get messy! This way kids can have fun moving the colors around with their fingertips and watching as they blend and change without having any mess be made! Once they are done then the paper leaf cut-out can be removed from the bag, dry, and then be hung-up or taken home by a student to share with their family!

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Mess-Free Sensory Fall Leaf Painting
October 15, 2019
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