Leaf-Turkey Art Project for Kids

Leaf-Turkey Art Project for Kids

Leaf-Turkey Art Project for Kids

At Sunny Flowers preschool in Madison, Wisconsin, they did a very fun and creative art project! They glued leaves onto a piece of construction paper so that they looked like turkeys! It was a fun Fall project.

Materials needed to make leaf-turkeys

To make your own leaf-turkeys you will need the following:

*Fall leaves you've gathered from outside

*Construction paper


*Black marker

How to make your leaf-turkey

Follow these steps to make your leaf-turkey:

1. Grab a clump of leaves.

2. Start organizing the leaves on your construction paper so they resemble a turkey.

3. Once your leaves look how you want them to, begin gluing them on so they stick.

4.Wait for the glue to dry.

5. Take your black marker and draw some eyes for your turkey; write your name on your paper too if you like.

6. You're done!

Source for photos: Sunny Flowers

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Leaf-Turkey Art Project for Kids
October 1, 2020
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