Turkey-Themed Fine Motor Game for Kids

.Charlotte Moore
Turkey-Themed Fine Motor Game for Kids

Turkey-Themed Fine Motor Game for Kids

Turkeys are often the’ favorite aspect of Thanksgiving for children so with that in mind ABC 123’s Daycare LLC, of Sidney, Maine made this super-simple and easy to prepare turkey-themed fine motor game for their students! You can make one too!

ABC 123's Daycare LLC, Sidney, Maine 

To build you own game you will need.

  • A filler item such as pasta, pom-poms or beans
  • orange, yellow, and red construction paper
  • Large googly eyes
  • An empty plastic bottle
  • A big container to hold the filler materials
  • Tweezers
  • A glue gun

How to Create the Turkey

To put the turkey together do the following.

Cut one feather-shape out of each of the colors of construction paper.

Out of the orange construction paper cut an orange triangle (this will be the turkey's beak).

Use a glue gun to attach the feathers on the back of the plastic bottle.

Glue the googly eyes and the beak on the plastic bottle as the picture shows. Your turkey is assembled!

Playing the Turkey-Themed Game

To play the game do the following:

Tell students how the turkey is hungry.

Place the filler item (pasta, pom-poms, beans, etc.) in the container and give the students tweezers.

Have the children use the tweezers to pick-up the filler material and then drop it into the bottle so that they, "Feed," the turkey.

Once the bottle is full the turkey has been successfully fed!

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Turkey-Themed Fine Motor Game for Kids
November 18, 2019
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