Environmental Day For our class

Environmental Day For our class

Environmental Day For our classAt 5 June, World Environment Day is celebrated. We want the world to be safe, clean and beautiful for you as you grow up, and we want your children and their children to have a beautiful world to live in. For that to happen we have to work together to take care of our planet Earth. So today we can celebrate and learn ways we can care for the earth.We brought kids to the park to clean and collect the plastic garbage. They look so happy and free outside the classroom. The weather is so nice and with more room to play in, children are more active when outside, which helps them to build strong bones and good fitness levels, while also enabling them to burn off extra energy and calories. As well as this, being in the sunshine, means children naturally absorb vital vitamin D. Playing outside helps them to naturally come out of their shells and be more social. This means that children will be more willing to join in games and activities, while they will also be more likely to talk to different children and make new friendsBeing outside they can explore new games and become confident in learning to try new things without being guided by adults.We teach them about the importance of waste in environment and encouraging them to not litter.Sometimes we just need a little reminder to help us change our habits. Have students think about what they can do at school and at home to help the environment and how they can encourage others to change their habits.Trash clean-ups are another hands-on activity you don’t even have to leave the school grounds to do. To make a bigger impact, have students write down what kinds of trash they pick up and where.

Environmental Day For our class
June 6, 2020
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