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Essential agreements

Essential agreements

According to IB program, each class agrees agreements - classroom rules. Essential agreements usually made by learners with the teachers` guide and help.

For early learners (kindergarten and pre-school) there are lots of fun ways to make essential agreements, such as making a big tree and putting fingerprints around it or sticking flashcards on the wall with pictures.

This activity was made with pre-scholars` interaction. The learners posed in different ways to show the rules and we took the photos of them screaming, pushing, helping, sharing and etc.

Afterwards we printed the photos, showed them to the little learners and discussed what is appropriate to do in the classroom and what is not. Because they could see themselves or their friends real photos, it was so interesting for them to look, touch, discuss and to learn about essential agreements.

After they learnt about classroom rules, we helped them to trace their right hands on colour paper, we cut them and stick around the photos.

You can also use this activity in your classroom while setting up some rules and making children be excited to come and watch the rules with their photos.


1. A phone or camera to take photos

2. Printer

3. A4 paper or any other side you would like to print photos

4. Colour paper, pencils, scissors

5. Printed notes of rules

Essential agreements
September 26, 2022
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