Face Templates Printables

Face Templates Printables

Face Templates Printables

These blank face templates below feature an assortment of outlines of children's faces.

They have a wide variety of hairstyles and feature no skin-tone so that any preferred skin color can be drawn-in.

Face Templates

10 sheets

+ 2 sheets

Also, there is one template that has no top to its head so that a different hairstyle can be drawn-in if desired as well. These blank face templates can be used for a wide variety of activities at school. Some are listed below!

Total 13 sheets

How to Download the Files

The file package can be downloaded completely for free! It is one of the gifts you are sent upon sharing a post here at TeachersMag.com! Click here to see more

Should you instead want to buy these worksheets you can do that too by following this link

Activity Ideas for the Face Templates

"All About Me," Activity: This is perfect if you're doing a unit focused on students sharing all about themselves. You have the children first draw a self-portrait in the template and then in the white space around their picture they illustrate themselves doing the kinds of activities they like!

Emotions Unit: When teaching students about emotions you can use these templates to have them practice drawing different feelings such as being happy, angry, sad, surprised, and so forth.

Collage of a Face: The children can be encouraged to make a unique face out of a collage of everything from Play-Doh, to loose parts of toys, scrap paper, or whatever else they like.Anything else you can think of is sure to be great as well; your only limit is your imagination!

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Face Templates Printables
January 15, 2020
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