Fall Preschool Themes Activities and Lesson Plans

This past week in our Pre-K class we celebrated the first day of fall, even though it felt more like summer!

We learned about the various kinds of leaves and why they change colors.

Our class discussed what our favorite thing is to do in the fall, and then did a writing activity about it.

Since the fall is the start of a new season, we talked about what happens when the season changes. We had fun matching pictures according to each season.


Pre-K enjoyed creating fall wreaths with tissue paper and triangle trees during art time.


We read several books about the fall and leaves changing color. One of our favorite books was called ‘Going on a Leaf Hunt‘, as we pretended to go on a leaf hunt finding leaves with letters on them.


We also played in the fall sensory bin and with the fall measuring cards. It was very interesting for all of us when we conducted a science lesson on ‘sink or float’ using fall objects such as leaves, twigs, acorns, and pine cones.

We hope that everyone had a good time at Back to School Night. Our class has an exciting year coming up and we’re looking forward to all of it!

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