Farm Week with “Rosie's Walk” for Preschoolers

Shari Hassell
Farm Week with “Rosie's Walk” for Preschoolers

Celebrate Farm Week By Using the Book, “Rosie's Walk,” With Your Preschool

If your preschool classroom is having a farm week one book that is a great addition to the week's theme is, “Rosie's Walk.” Written by Pat Hutchins, it is a popular children's story that focuses on a little hen named Rosie as she goes for a leisurely walk around her farm.

At Wild Oaks Cottage School – Preschool in the Park they incorporated, “Rosie's Walk,” into their farm week by enjoying the book, pretending to be chickens at play-time, and doing a chicken-related craft where students spelled their name out on paper, “Eggs.” Your classroom can do this activity too with the book!

How to Do the Chicken Craft

1. You will need sheets of the following colors of construction paper: Blue, Red, Yellow, and Brown, and White. Also, each student will want to have a pair of scissors, some glue, and a pen or pencil.

2. Have students put the blue construction paper down as it will be the background for their chicken.

3. Students will cut a half-circle out of the brown construction paper and glue it to their blue sheet.

4. Next, have students cut-out red paper in a small oval for the chicken's wing and its, “Comb,” which is what the red part at the top of its face is called. Have students glue these on the brown half-circle.

5. Students next need to cut a small triangle on the yellow paper for the chicken's beak they will glue onto the rest of the body.

6. Now, students can cut-up strips of yellow paper, these will be the chicken's nest. Then they glue the paper under the chicken!

7. Have students cut-out circles from their white paper--enough circles for every letter of their name. The students then will glue these circles under/into the, “Nest,” as they represent paper, “Eggs.”

8. Students now can put a letter on each egg for a letter of their name until their name is spelled-out under the chicken on the, “Eggs.” You're done!

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Farm Week with “Rosie's Walk” for Preschoolers
August 29, 2019
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