Fire Extinguisher Craft for Preschoolers

In the case of a fire one thing to do if it is still smaller and can be put-out is to grab a fire extinguisher and use it on the fire!
This craft involves having preschoolers make their own fun fire extinguisher that they can use to put-out, “Pretend,” fires anytime they feel like it!

At Grow by the bay, Learning academy in North Bay Village, Florida the students had a bunch of fun making these extinguishers and learning all about fire safety. Here are the directions so you can make your own!

Materials Needed to Make the Fire Extinguishers

  • Clothespin
  • Paint (Blue, Black, or Silver all work)
  • Red crepe paper (also known as, “Streamer,” paper)
  • Empty plastic water bottle
  • Glue
  • Stick-on name tag
  • Black permanent marker

How to do the Fire Extinguisher Craft

Take the clothespin and paint it (this will be the extinguisher, “Handle,” shortly.)

Wrap the red crepe paper from the bottom-up around the plastic water bottle so that it is fully covered by the paper, when you reach the top use some blue to affix the paper to the top.

Glue the clothespin on the bottle-cap so that it looks like a handle for the extinguisher.

Write on the stick-on name tag, you can write numbers, a name, or even just, “Fire extinguisher.”

Put the stick-on name tag on the extinguisher.

Now your student has their very own fire extinguisher!

Now your student has their very own fire extinguisher!

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