Free Shape Worksheets for Kindergartners

Free Shape Worksheets for Kindergartners

Free Shape Worksheets for Kindergartners

These free shape worksheets for Kindergartners are a wonderful way to have your class learn about all kinds of shapes a fun way with various themes!

Shape Worksheets

1. Christmas Cookies. Write the numbers in the proper shape.

2. Mittens. Cut and paste the correct color mitten into the shape-area.

3. Pattern. Cut and paste the correct pattern where it goes.

4. Ice Worksheet. Color the triangles red, rectangles yellow, and squares blue on the worksheet.

5. Color Flags. Color the circles yellow, squares green, rectangles red, and triangles blue.

6. Bat Shapes. Color the circles blue, squares pink, rhombuses yellow, and triangles green.

7. Pets Terrarium. Count-up the number of fish in each shape and write the number in the corresponding shape.

8. Pets Shapes Worksheet. Cut the paste the correct shapes where they belong in the pets' faces.

9. Farm Animals. The animals on the farm need to have the correct shape put into the hay so they have a place to rest. Cut and paste the pieces.

10. Tracing Shapes. Trace the shapes to match the complete one above.

How to Download for Free!

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Free Shape Worksheets for Kindergartners
December 22, 2019
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