Friendship Rocks Craft for Valentine's Day

.Sophia Williams
Friendship Rocks Craft for Valentine's Day

At Rollins Place Elementary School in Zachary, Louisiana the class of Mrs. Leroi did this lovely friendship rocks craft!

They wanted to, "Show some love," for this Valentine's Day and creating friendship rocks was how they chose to do so!

How the Friendship Rocks Craft Was Done

The friendship rocks craft was done by having every student take a rock and then paint it however they liked. Some students used big splotches of paint and others created fun little patterns. As long as students took an unpainted rock and made it look beautiful they did exactly what the craft called for! After making the crafts students took a note home for their parents. The note said how the rock was for the community. Because the class made it to show love on Valentine's Day the best way to express this love was to find a special place to hide the rock--that way it would bring a lot of joy to whoever found it!

This craft was a fantastic way to celebrate Valentine's Day and spread some love!

Rollins Place Elementary School
Zachary, LA, United States

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Friendship Rocks Craft for Valentine's Day
February 15, 2020
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