Frozen Dinosaur Eggs Activity

At Creative Kids Lake Wylie they did a fun activity with Dinosaur toys in frozen, “Eggs.” The kids sprayed the eggs with water spritzers filled with warm water to help the eggs, “Hatch,” and had a lovely time doing it!

Materials Needed to Do the Frozen Dinosaur Eggs Activity

To do this frozen Dinosaur eggs activity you will need:

  • Toy Dinosaurs
  • Egg-molds that are freezer safe
  • Water
  • Spritzer bottles
  • A container to hold the frozen eggs

How to do the Frozen Dinosaur Eggs Activity

To do this activity with frozen Dinosaur eggs follow these steps:

  1. Fill the egg-molds with water and place a toy Dinosaur in each one.
  2. Freeze the egg-molds in the freezer (doing it overnight ensures a great freeze).
  3. Take the egg-molds out of the freezer and pop them into the empty container.
  4. Give your child a spritzer bottle filled with warm water and have them squirt it on the Dinosaur egg to make the water melt–which looks just like the Dinosaur egg is hatching! If you do this activity outside on a hot day that can help the eggs melt faster too.
  5. Repeat with all the Dinosaur eggs.

Source for photos: Creative Kids Lake Wylie 

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Author: .Ella Martin