Fun Airplane Transportation Play Activity for Kids

At St. Andrew Apostle Preschool in Silver Spring, Maryland they had so much fun learning about how to be passengers on an airplane as a part of educational play!

Pretending To Be On An Airplane!

The students loved pretending to be on an airplane! Some imagined they had bought tickets and were sitting in the seats on the way to a fun dedication while other students pretended to be pilots and talk with ground control about the safest way to fly! By doing this activity everyone learned about airplane safety and how it is that planes work between the pilots and ground crew!

You Can Do This At Home!

It is easy to pretend to be riding on an airplane at home too! You simply need a seat, maybe a pretend window, and your imagination! You can add other items to imagine flying a plane as well, but the main idea of discussing how planes work and the people who fly them makes for a very enjoyable activity!

Source for Pictures: St. Andrew Apostle Preschool

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