Fun With Ramps and Tubes

Fun With Ramps and Tubes

Fun With Ramps and Tubes

At Little Robles Bilingual Preschool they had a fantastic time playing with ramps and tubes! It was a great time using an assortment of tubes and things as ramps to watch balls roll around.

Early STEM Education

Playing with ramps and tubes is a bit of an early form of STEM education. Children use problem-solving skills to study rudimentary physics and observe how the balls roll down ramps and through tubes. The children loved observing the balls rolling up and down--and they didn't even realize how this was an early form of STEM education! It was such a great activity and just required some balls, tubes, and assorted objects used as ramps. It was a fun way to spend some time!

Source for photos: Little Robles Bilingual Preschool

Fun With Ramps and Tubes
October 22, 2020
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