Gingerbread Man and Woman Craft for Preschool

.Sophia Williams
Gingerbread Man and Woman Craft for Preschool

Even though Gingerbread men and women are often associated with the Winter holiday season they are fun to talk about and make themed crafts for anytime of the year!

With that in mind, Milestones Pre-K Learning Center in Riverside, California, had a great time doing this Gingerbread Man and Woman craft where they made them out of paper!

How to Make Your Own

1. Help students craft a Gingerbread person shape in brown construction paper (with their decorations they'll be putting on later they can make them a man or woman). Whether you want them to trace an outline or make their own Gingerbread person free-hand is up to you.

2. Have students cut their Gingerbread person out of the paper with scissors.

3. Encourage students to add whatever they want onto their Gingerbread men and women. Use whatever art supplies you have and want used from markers, to crayons, beads, pipe-cleaners, glitter or other scrap construction paper students can cut-up and glue into their Gingerbread men and women to give them, "Clothes."

Paper Gingerbread Man Decorating Ideas

As shown in the pictures, Milestones Pre-K Learning Center talked about how their Gingerbread Men and Women represented how they may be just a single person, but to one person in our lives we may mean the world (as Doctor Seuss once said). You can do something similar and talk about how everyone's Gingerbread Man and Woman are unique and special and important to the students who made them!

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Gingerbread Man and Woman Craft for Preschool
September 9, 2019
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