Glad Monster, Sad Monster Craft Project

Glad Monster, Sad Monster Craft Project

Glad Monster, Sad Monster Craft Project

At Miss Vicki's Daycare, they read the book, "Glad Monster, Sad Monster," and learned about how to express feelings. After reading the book, the children used pieces of construction paper to make their own monsters with happy or sad faces!

Materials needed for this craft

To make your own monster expressing emotions you will need:

*A black piece of construction paper

*Construction paper of assorted colors



How to make your monster

To make your monster expressing an emotion follow these steps:

1. Take your black piece of construction paper and lay it down.

2. Cut various pieces of construction paper out and put them on the black paper in a way that makes a happy or sad monster. Don't glue anything until you are happy with how everything looks.

3. Once you like how your paper looks, begin to glue it onto the black construction paper.

4. Wait for the glue to dry and show everyone your monster expressing emotions!

Source for photos: Miss Vicki's Daycare

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Glad Monster, Sad Monster Craft Project
September 3, 2020
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