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Globe Model Making Activity

MJ Albia
Globe Model Making Activity

Globe Model Making

Materials needed:



Hot water

Strips of Used paper/Newspaper


Green and Blue paint



Prepare first the glue or mixture that you will use for the papers. Just mix one cup of flour and hot water then wait until it thickens. Next is to inflate the balloon in your desired size. Then, start covering the balloon with glue or flour mixture then put the strips of paper around the balloon. Do this until you cover the entire balloon five times or more. Let the balloon dry. If the balloon is completely dry, you can deflate it with a pin. After that, you need to draw islands around the ball of paper and paint the island color green. The remaining part of the balloon will be painted in blue. Let it dry again and your globe model is good to go.

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Globe Model Making Activity
April 11, 2024
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