Halloween Pumpkin Pattern Activities

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Halloween Pumpkin Pattern Activities

Halloween often is full of pumpkins and to continue their pumpkin-themed fun they had been doing Xplor Preschool & School Age Care had students do a math-focused activity where they used pumpkin cutouts to create repeating patterns.

The pumpkin pattern printable they used can be downloaded for free below in addition to another pumpkin pattern worksheet which helps students with developing their recognition skills of patterns.

Xplor Preschool & School Age Care

Halloween Pumpkin Pattern Activities

Free Pumpkin Pattern Printable

By printing two or three copies of this printable below students can then cut the pieces out and put them in order to create a pattern. They can glue this pattern onto a sheet of paper and then count how many pumpkins they have with each face! This develops both recognition of patterns as well as helping with counting skills.

Print in 2-3 copies for patterns.

Click on the picture to open in the original size for printing.

Free Pumpkin Printable

Free Pumpkin Worksheet

This worksheet also utilizes pumpkins to find a pattern. Students cut-out the pumpkins at the bottom of the worksheet and then they paste the correct pumpkin in each row to complete the pattern correctly.

Fun and Free Pumpkin Worksheets»

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Halloween Pumpkin Pattern Activities
October 29, 2019
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