Fun and Free Pumpkin Worksheets

Fun and Free Pumpkin Worksheets

These free printable pumpkin worksheets are fun and educational. They are great for preschool and Kindergarten students who can use them to learn about patterns, counting, letters, and more!

Pumpkin Worksheets

How to Download the Files

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Pumpkin Pattern Worksheet

To do this worksheet students cut the images out at the bottom of the paper and then paste them in the appropriate box where they correctly finish the pattern!

Pumpkin Count Worksheet

This worksheet has students start at the bottom circle and then follow the vine as they count how many pumpkins are on each one. Then, they write the total upon each vine at the bottom of the worksheet. There also is a black-and-white version so if you want to give your students the opportunity to color after doing the worksheet they can do that as well!

Pumpkin Size Worksheet

For this worksheet students color big pumpkins yellow, medium-sized pumpkins orange, and small pumpkins red. This activity is a stellar way to learn about how to tell sizes of things apart.

Pumpkin Color

The letters to the word, “Pumpkin,” are inside a big pumpkin and students need to color each letter to match the correct color at the bottom of the worksheet and fully spell it out.

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