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Hand kite to make with children

Hand kite to make with children

Hand kite to make with children

I made a hand kite with the children and they loved it. To carry out this activity, you will need the following materials:

A roll of toilet paper

White sulfite sheet

Crepe paper or colored paper

Coloring pencils

String or thread



Leaf punch

Take the bond sheet and cut it to the size (width and height) of the toilet paper roll, give it to the child and ask them to draw a drawing and then color the drawing.

Cut the crepe paper into thin strips, approximately 30 centimeters long.

Take the sheet with the design and glue it to the toilet paper roll, then use the hole punch to make five holes at the bottom and two holes at the top.

Take 20 strips of crepe paper and separate them into piles of 4 strips, then insert a pile into each bottom hole. In the upper hole, pass the string and tie a knot.

The hand kite is ready and can be given to the child to play with.

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Hand kite to make with children
June 19, 2024
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