Healthy choices

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Healthy choices

Healthy choices


We know how difficult it can be for our children to choose healthy foods and have an interest in brushing their teeth. A few days ago we had the opportunity to carry out the activity that I present here. We first had the opportunity to read books on the topic of healthy food and dental hygiene (I used the book My tooth hurts). Then using playdough, invite the children to create a healthy tooth and a diseased tooth to see later in the food grading activity. Later we look at toy foods and classify them as healthy and non-salable. For the brushing activity we worked with a play doh set of the dentist's tooth in which the children created and put teeth in it and in this way they were able to dramatize being a dentist and taking care of our friend's dental hygiene.


Use books on the subject.

Use foods that children already know.

If you do not have the dentist play dough set you can create one with a drawing, laminate it, use an erasable marker and a toothbrush.

I hope you enjoy the activity.

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Healthy choices
September 10, 2021
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