I Love My Job Because I Like Children

I Love My Job Because I Like Children

Im preschool teacher in croatia. I love my job because I like children. Every child is unique and that is an understatement.  They can make you laugh, cry and even pull your hair out. But it’s not on purpose and you will always come back because they are the ones who need the most care in this world. I was almost soulless by the time I left debt collection, but being in a stimulating, bright and colourful environment allowed me to resurrect my creativity and bring out my inner child. I love to learn new things – working with children was, and still is a HUGE learning experience. No one child is the same (neither their backgrounds, etc.) and even though some of the things you cover in your qualifications can seem a bit outdated (theories, etc., it doesn’t mean you can’t take on a new perspective towards them.

I Love My Job Because I Like Children
March 25, 2020
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