100th Day of Kindergarten Celebration

.Isabella Jones
100th Day of Kindergarten Celebration

At Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) in Notre Dame, Indiana they celebrated the 100th day of school this school year!

To tie-in with it being the 100th day the focus was on sharing collections of 100 items with all of their friends at school.

The classes played lots of math-based games that provided them with a festive learning experience. One topic of discussion was what everyone thought they might like to do when they are 100 years old--and thinking about what activities elders enjoy doing in their spare time.

The ideas students proposed were fishing, reading the newspaper, knitting, walking, and playing with grandchildren just like they do with their grandparents!

Many Activities With 100!

Another activity involved drawing and writing various ideas at journal time that related to the number 100.

The children also read a book for the 100th day during the group reading time--the students found the number 100 a bunch of times on each page of the book! The kids also practiced being mathematicians and counted-out 100 individual items of assorted classroom learning materials. They counted-out blocks, Lego bricks, cubes, and more by groups of ten.

Then they had a great time counting by 10's to count-up to 100. It was a fun-filled day with the number 100!

Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC)

Notre Dame, IN, United States


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100th Day of Kindergarten Celebration
January 31, 2020
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