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Blow Painting Raindrops

Tricia Hausner
Blow Painting Raindrops

Blow Painting Raindrops

I had copied a large raindrop pattern onto white cardstock beforehand, then I diluted blue tempera paint with water in a bowl, you could use liquid watercolor paint as well. Then using an eye dropper I put a few drops of the watery paint on the cardstock Raindrop. Then I handed the preschooler a straw and told them to blow into the straw. This caused the paint to blow or move around on the paper causing cool designs. This step had to be repeated many times to fill up the paper. If the child got too tired of blowing I had them stop and get a drink of water, then continue when ready. If a child has asthma this part may need to be altered, the teacher could help using a new clean straw, or the child may have to take a longer break in between blows. The kids loved it and had lots of fun!

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Blow Painting Raindrops
June 17, 2024
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