Learning About Dark and Light Activity for Preschoolers

At Happy Kids Altrincham Preschool & Forest School in the United Kingdom, they learned about dark and light by telling students about clever ways to use flashlights in their home! You can do this activity too and have all kinds of, “Dark and light,” fun!

How to Do the Light and Dark Activity

  1. Find a room in your house that is dark. This can be a room with no windows or almost any room if it is nighttime.
  2. Have your child stand by the wall, shine the flashlight at them.
  3. Talk about how the flashlight makes things light and without it everything is dark. Discuss how the sun does the same thing during the day to make the World light, and when it is nighttime how it is dark.
  4. Try and shine the flashlight through blankets or furniture, talk about how they block the light!
  5. Lastly, practice making, “Shadow Puppets,” for fun and make-up stories with your child!

Photo: Happy Kids Altrincham Preschool

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Author: .Ella Martin

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