E is for Patchwork Elephant Crafts

.Emily Davis
E is for Patchwork Elephant Crafts

The letter E is at the start of many words, including how E is at the beginning of, "Elephant!"

With this in mind The King’s Garden Christian Preschool did a number of exciting Elephant-themed crafts that you can have your preschool or kindergarten do as well!

The King's Garden Christian Preschool

Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

You can read your class the book, "Elmer," which focuses on a patchwork Elephant and then have students make their own version of a patchwork Elephant out of the letter E itself!

They simply need a big grey E made out of construction paper and then little squares of other colors of construction paper they glue-on to make their own unique patchwork Elephant that looks just like its first letter, E (and some eyes drawn-on by a marker work well too!

If you do not have a copy of the book, "Elmer," to read to your students we have a video of the book at the bottom of this article you can show you class instead!

Elephant Coloring Page

This worksheet has students trace the dotted lines to finish the drawing of the elephant and then they can color it in any color they like. This is a great follow-up activity for any students who might finish their patchwork Elephant and still have some spare time while the rest of the students complete the craft.

Elephant Coloring Page

"Elmer," Story Video


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E is for Patchwork Elephant Crafts
October 18, 2019
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