Loose Parts Play Activity With Buttons

.Natalie Martinez
Loose Parts Play Activity With Buttons

Loose Parts Play Activity

At Ja Happy House Childminding in Birmingham, United Kingdom, they had fun doing a loose parts play activity with their young students.

It was loose parts heaven for the kids as they took a shallow tub and filled it with buttons! There were big buttons, little buttons, white buttons, black buttons, and buttons with color.

Button-Based Fun!

With so many buttons the kids had a great deal of fun looking at the beautiful designs and making their own unique and clever shapes out of groups of buttons. Loose parts play is great for encouraging creativity.

It was an activity that was intriguing as well as fascinating to the eyes of all of the ages of children who played with the buttons. Because small objects such as buttons can be a choking hazard it was important for a teacher to supervise the children so as to make sure no one tried to eat any tiny buttons!

JA HAPPY HOUSE Childminding
Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Loose Parts Play Activity With Buttons
February 26, 2020
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