Measuring Height, Length and Weight

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Measuring Height, Length and Weight

Measuring Height, Length and Weight

We watched a video to learn the rules of measuring with non standard units. The items need to be the same and the same size. Do not leave gaps. Do not overlap. The items must go in a straight line.

There Were Several Activities to Investigate Measurement

Working in pairs we measured spring flowers using non standard items such as paperclips, counters, and snap cubes. The children were also giving the choice, again working in pairs, to choose any item in the classroom to measure with any non standard unit of measurement (ei. snap cubes blocks, lego, erasers, crayons etc).

The children measured insects and school supplies with snap cubes and paper clips and they would record their findings on the record sheet.

The children experimented with volume and capacity with water and different size containers and also with pasta and measuring cups and measuring spoons.

We also did an activity on weight, where we used a balance scale to measure the weight of various items. The children read cards that described items to weight and asked which is more.

We also discussed size and did an activity on the carpet, where we placed pictures of objects under 2 headings, 1 being smaller than me and the other bigger than me. We will move into small, medium and large and order sequencing.

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Measuring Height, Length and Weight
April 28, 2023
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