Mud Kitchen for Kids

.Isabella Jones
Mud Kitchen for Kids

Mud is one of those things kids absolutely love! It can be scooped, poured, or squeezed to make everything from mud pies to mud cupcakes and mud soups.

At Wild Oaks Cottage School- Preschool in the Park (Preschool in the Park, they made their own DIY mud kitchen/sensory table.

How to Make Your Own Mud Kitchen

First, make mud in an assortment of sensory bins (big plastic bins) by taking dirt and mixing it with water!

Provide students with an assortment of kitchen utensils and supplies that normally would be used with dough or other soft food-items. Things like cupcake tins, pie tins, mixing spoons, jugs/cups, and ladles are great for using with mud in your mud kitchen!Provide other extra craft supplies as available--Styrofoam Balls, leaves, or whatever else that students might enjoy using with mud!

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Mud Kitchen for Kids
September 19, 2019
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