Multicultural Week for School Door Decoration

We are all alike and different in some way! As we get to learn more about our students and teachers, we became aware of just how alike we all are.

Many of our students and teachers have traveled to the same countries. In light of this, teachers decided to decorate their classroom doors based on places our students/teachers have traveled. Each door represents a different country.

Classroom Doors Represent Different Countries







Primrose School of Dunwoody
Dunwoody, Georgia

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Author: /Emily Davis

2 thoughts on “Multicultural Week for School Door Decoration”

  1. Hi Emily, We are decorating doors from countries around the world for reading month. I have Egypt. I love the door you have on here and I was wondering what you used to print the Pharaoh pictures? I need to print them and put my students faces in them but can’t seem to find them on the internet. Please help!

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