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Monica Figueroa
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I am a second year preschool teacher. My students and I are learning about pumpkins this upcoming week. Our curriculum is very play based along with process art. I think it really gives the children room to express their art and social skills freely. When we do art projects and crafts, teachers want to portray what looks actually like what was pictured. We get disappointed and so do the children. Not giving them a specific image to mimic explores options for creativity. Where they are not comparing what they made to their peers. So this week we are using tons of paint and objects like pumpkins to explore what pumpkins are all about. If you have Facebook I recommend joining the Mary Ann Kohl Process Art Group. Teacher provide a ton of ideas.

I just came across this website today and really love the material that is offered! I will be sending this along to other teachers. :)

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New to the Site
October 17, 2021
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