Olympic Rings-Themed Activities

.Abigail Miller
Olympic Rings-Themed Activities

They just recently were wrapping-up their Winter Olympics week at Majestic Harbor Children’s Center in Gloucester, Massachusetts and had a lot of fun activities they did during the previous week!

Between a long jump competition, practicing curling, engaging in Olympic rings color-sorting, and then having an awards ceremony it was a very fun week for all the kiddos in the preschool room!

Winter Olympics Ring Craft

The students used colorful crepe paper/tissue paper that they carefully glued together to create the rings used to signify the Winter Olympics!

Olympics Rings Print

For this craft students used a glass dipped in colorful paint that they then pressed onto a big sheet of paper to make an Olympic ring. The kids loved making these prints!

Ring Sorting Activity

Kids sorted differently colored Legos, blocks, and other objects for this activity. They were presented with differently-colored Olympic rings and then put the items that were the matching color within the correct ring.

Majestic Harbor Children's Center
Gloucester, MA, United States

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Olympic Rings-Themed Activities
January 25, 2020
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