Painting Spring and Summer-Themed Artwork

Painting Spring and Summer-Themed Artwork

Painting Spring and Summer-Themed Artwork

We currently are experiencing a brutally cold winter in America but at Lawrence Montessori School, they were in a spring and summer state of mind! The students all sat and painted out images of the Springtime and Summertime on a (warm) patio. They made images of blooming flowers, full trees, and otherwise created some incredible artwork!

Spring and summer on everyone's mind

The kids were excited to talk about their plans once the winter had ended. They said they couldn't wait to play in fields, go swimming, ride bikes, and otherwise enjoyed themselves in no-longer-freezing weather! The kiddos painted such beautiful scenes and it helped everyone get excited for the end of winter and the start of spring and summer!

Source for photos: Lawrence Montessori School

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Painting Spring and Summer-Themed Artwork
February 21, 2021
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