Part-to-Whole Shape Activity

.Chloe Thompson
Part-to-Whole Shape Activity

Part-to-Whole Shape Activity

At Austin Thrive Preschool in Austin, Texas, they had fun doing an activity with shapes where they combined them together so that instead of being parts of shapes they were a total whole!

How to Prepare for the Part to Whole Activity

To prep for the part to whole activity you need to do some steps:

  1. Cut out various pieces of construction paper into an assortment of shapes.
  2. Assemble the shapes yourself into wholes and take pictures of what you make.
  3. Print out cards of the wholes you created.

How to Do the Part to Whole Activity

To do the part to whole activity follow these steps:

  1. Give your child the construction paper pieces.
  2. Let them get familiar with how the shapes can be combined from parts to a whole.
  3. Provide them with a picture of a whole you made and ask them to make that whole too.
  4. Help your child make the whole.
  5. Repeat with a new picture for your child to make a whole out of until you're done!

Source for Pictures: Austin Thrive Preschool

Part-to-Whole Shape Activity
June 4, 2020
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