Playdoh Activity/ Craft

Lacey Clements
Playdoh Activity/ Craft

Playdoh  Activity/ Craft


This was a fun activity with playdoh. It kept her busy for a long time. She really enjoyed it. I bought the playdoh from the dollar Tree in a variety of colors. I also had a fuzzy kit pack containing fuzzy balls. etc.

I also brought out some eyeballs for her to use and little gemstones. She enjoyed sticking these things all over the playdoh and just being creative. We made all sorts of things with this and like I said above this kept her entertained for a long time. I actually enjoyed it myself. We made a worm with eyeballs. We rolled up the playdoh and made balls while learning opposites of large balls and small balls. Also we used knives from her play kitchen set and made cutting marks on the playdoh teaching her how to cut. We did all sorts of fun things. It was a blast!

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Playdoh Activity/ Craft
March 12, 2021
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