Posters of the Four Seasons

Posters of the Four Seasons

Posters of the Four Seasons

These four posters feature the four seasons! Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall all are represented.

The four seasons

The posters below illustrate different aspects of the four seasons. Students can examine these posters with their classmates and identify which season they believe each poster represents.

You can print these posters out and laminate them so that they can be hung up for the kiddos to enjoy looking at!

Black and white versions of the posters

Below are black and white versions of the posters. These can be printed out and then used as a coloring activity for the students. They can discuss how certain, "Cool," colors are associated more with Winter and, "Warm," colors are associated with Summer.

These black and white posters are sure to be fun for everyone to color!

How to Download for FREE

You can download these posters absolutely for free! Just follow the directions at this link to find out how!

Also, you can purchase the sheets at this website.

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Posters of the Four Seasons
December 6, 2021
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