Free, “Pumpkin Investigation,” Worksheet Book for Preschoolers

Pumpkin Investigation Book Free Worksheets for Preschoolers

This free printable can be made into a book titled, “Pumpkin Investigation.” You simply print each page in the proper order to make the book! Then the pages have fun worksheets that preschool students can work at doing.

“Pumpkin Investigation,” Book Pages

First/Front Page: “Pumpkin Investigation,” book title.

Second Page: Students use the measuring cubes to say how many cubes long/around their pumpkin is.

Pumpkin Investigation Book

Third Page: The number of ribs/ridges on the pumpkin is counted.

Fourth Page: One pumpkin is floating and one is sinking, students identify them.

3 page.  How many ribs does your pumpkin have?

4 page. Will my pumpkin sink or float?

Fifth Page: Students can look at how the pumpkins are small, medium, and big.

Sixth Page: Using the cube students can say how many cubes tall their pumpkin is.

5 page.  My pumpkin: small, medium, big

6 page. My pumpkin is ... cubes tall

Seventh Page: Students color-in their pumpkin and write what color it is.

Eighth Page: It can be identified if the picture has more than 100 seeds or less than 100 seeds.

5 page.  My pumpkin is the color ...

6 page. How many seeds does your pumpkin have?

Ninth Page: Preschoolers circle if the pumpkin has a leaf and if it has a stem.

Tenth Page: This page involves, “Craving,” a face into the pumpkin by drawing one!

7 page.  Does your pumpkin have a leaf? A stem?

8 page. Design a face to carve into your pumpkin

Black-and-White Version

You can make your, “Pumpkin Investigation,” book totally black-and-white so that it is one big coloring book if you would like by using the free printables below which are all black-and-white!

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