Ant Life Cycle DIY Book and Worksheet

Ant Life Cycle DIY Book and Worksheet

Ant Life Cycle DIY Book and Worksheet

All living creatures go through life cycles and they are fascinating concepts. Sometimes they are slow and other times they happen quite fast. One fun summer science lesson is to teach your children about the life cycle of ants!

You can learn all about the ant life cycle by using this free printable worksheet that forms a DIY book. It is perfect for PreK, Kindergarten, and kids in the First Grade.

You can print these pages along with an additional ant worksheet on plain printer paper.

Ant Life Cycle Book Printable

This DIY miniature book is great fun! The first page has your children cutting and pasting various stages of the life cycle of an ant. The second page discusses the various body parts of ants!

Life Cycle of an Ant

The life cycle of an ant consists of four phases.

  • Egg: Ant eggs are oval-shaped. Fertilized eggs produce female ants and unfertilized eggs produce male ants.
  • Larva: These are worm-like. Also, they have no eyes or legs. The larva eat food that adult ants regurgitate for them. The larva will molt many times while increasing in size.
  • Pupa: Once the larva reaches a particular size it will form a silklike cocoon around itself. It is during this time that the pupa will transform into an ant.
  • Ant: An ant emerges from the cocoon, with this entire processing taking about 10 weeks. Share with your children that black ant queens can live 15 years while worker ants can live up to 5 years. There is a species of ants that can live up to 30 years! Ants have the longest lifespan of all insects in the World.

Additional Worksheet for More Ant-Related Fun

How to Download the Files

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Ant Life Cycle DIY Book and Worksheet
July 23, 2020
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