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Apple Life Cycle

Claudia Alvarado
Apple Life Cycle

For our first week of school our theme was apples so for science I created the apple life cycle from felt which is great for hands on. We read Seed to Apple by Jodie Shepherd (however this is just one of the many amazing apple books out there). As we talked about the apple life cycle we ate delicious crispy red apple slices and looked at the seeds within the apple and talked about how amazing these little seeds are! Explain to your kiddos that although tiny they are mighty-- as they were planted, not only did they create the apple we are eating but also the giant tree that the apple came from with way more apples! Tip: to make the life cycle simplified for little ones 4 or 5 and under, we only discussed 4 stages of the life cycle: 1) the seed is planted 2) the tree grows 3) the flowers bloom on the tree in the spring and 4) in the fall apples grow and are ready to be picked! Yum!

Apple Life Cycle
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Apple Life Cycle
October 1, 2022
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