Rainbow Template Activity

Rainbow Template Activity

Rainbow Template Activity

When students are learning their colors one great way to be informed about a number of them is by discussing all the colors of the rainbow!

In the Kindergarten art class of Mrs. Dolan at Durand Elementary in Durland, Illinois, they talked about rainbows and all the colors that make them-up, including ones that were new to them like indigo!

How to Do the Activity

Give each student a rainbow worksheet.

Hand-out crayons for each color of the rainbow to the students.

Discuss what rainbows look like and have students color each part of it step-by-step, discussing each color. For example, you could say, "After we color-in red what color come next?"

Once students are done ask them if they learned any new colors and what their favorite color of the rainbow is.

Hang-up the rainbow drawings in the classroom or send them home with the students for their families to enjoy!

Extra-Large Rainbow Template


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Rainbow Template Activity
September 29, 2019
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