Rainbow Week - Plates Color matching

Lindsay Patten
Rainbow Week - Plates Color matching

Rainbow Week - Plates Color matching

For this simple rainbow-themed activity I needed only a few supplies. I grabbed some small paper plates, rainbow colored dotters, rainbow colored pipe cleaners, and a utensil for poking holes. First, I flipped the plates upside down and used the dotters to add the colors of the rainbow on the rim. The order of the colors appeared twice on the rim (opposite of each other, so that the children could match the colors using the pipe cleaners. After a few minutes, the colors were dry, and I poked small holes in the center of every color. When the children approached the activity, I gave an example of how the pipe cleaners fit in the hole and I wanted to find the matching color.

Children were given six pipe cleaners of the corresponding colors to match in the holes. When finished matching, whether the activity was matched correctly or not, children had their own rainbow in their hands. Simple fine motor activity to practice colors.

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Rainbow Week - Plates Color matching
February 19, 2022
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