Raising Baby Chickens

.Chloe Thompson
Raising Baby Chickens

Raising Baby Chickens

At Adventures in Learning Preschool and Childcare, they have been raising baby chicks in their class! Many elementary school classes do this as it is a fun way to teach kids about chickens and caring for animals.

Benefits of Raising Chicks in Classrooms

There are a number of benefits to hatching and raising baby chicks in your classroom:

  • Children learn about the incubation process
  • You can do crafts themed for chickens
  • Reading chicken-themed books will get students excited
  • Kids learn to respect other living creatures
  • Children can have one classroom duty be feeding the chicks and giving them water--this teaches responsibility

Source for photos: Adventures in Learning Preschool and Childcare

Raising Baby Chickens
August 19, 2020
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