Baby Bear Handprint Craft for Kids

Baby Bear Handprint Craft for Kids

Baby Bear Handprint Craft for Kids

At Sunshine Academy--Utah Preschool and Daycare, the children had a fantastic time making a baby bear out of construction paper and using their handprints as the bear's body!

Materials needed for the baby bear handprint craft

To do this craft you will need:

*Two pieces of brown construction paper



*Black marker

*Googly eyes


How to do the baby bear handprint craft

To do this craft follow these steps:

1. Take one piece of brown construction paper and put your hand on it.

2. Use the pencil to trace your hand.

3. Cut your handprint out from the brown construction paper.

4. On the other sheet of brown construction paper, cut out one large circle and two small circles.

5. One the large circle draw a mouth and nose for your bear.

6. Glue the googly eyes to the large circle.

7. Glue the two small circles behind the large circle, you now have a bear's face.

8. Glue the bear's face to your handprint you cut out, now your bear has a body!

9. Show everyone your creation!

Source for photo: Sunshine Academy--Utah Preschool and Daycare

Download additional pictures:

1. Free Bear-Themed Printable Worksheets

2. Bear Emotions Activity

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Baby Bear Handprint Craft for Kids
August 28, 2020
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