Recycling Activity for Preschoolers

.Isabella Jones
Recycling Activity for Preschoolers

At The Little Seeds Preschool in Davie, Florida, the class learned how important it was to know the proper way to recycle.

The class talked about how there is composting for organic items, and that when putting things in recycling bins it is key to make sure you separate paper from glass (and plastic). After discussing how recycling works the class proceeded to do a fun activity where they pretended to recycle themselves!

Recyling Activity

The kids were presented with a big sheet that featured three different bins represent upon it. One bin was organic for compost, the other was designated for paper, and the third bin was for glass (and some plastics). After having each bin pointed-out and explained to them the students were given pieces of paper with various images of objects upon them. Some of these objects belong in the organic bin (like some corn, others needed to go in the paper bin (like a newspaper, and some were supposed to be put within the glass bin (like a glass jug). It was a fun activity and taught the children a lot about recycling!

The Little Seeds Preschool
Davie, FL, United States

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Recycling Activity for Preschoolers
January 26, 2020
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