Rubbish Rainbows Craft for Young Children

This craft activity involves gathering random objects from around your house you might otherwise throw away (AKA rubbish) and using them to create a beautiful rainbow!

Art teacher Mrs. Russo at Lapel Elementary and Middle Schools in Indiana, USA came up with this fun craft idea after reading about how artist Liz Jones made her own, “Rubbish Rainbows,” that photographer Todd McLellan captured with his camera. This activity teaches students all about unity and variety as well as organization, making it as educational as it is beautiful!

Making Your Own Rubbish Rainbow

This is a great craft to do at home with your children as it encourages looking around the house for the needed objects (which is good exercise). You simply need a spot full of space to lay everything down after gathering objects that correspond to every color of the rainbow that will then be put in order (red, orange, yellow, green blue, indigo, and violet). Once everything has been gathered and placed down be sure to take pictures as well of the gorgeous creation made by your child/children and you!

Mrs. Russo
Art Teacher. Lapel Elementary and Middle Schools
Indiana, USA

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