Shape Introduction Lesson Plan for Preschoolers

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Shape Introduction Lesson Plan for Preschoolers

Shape Introduction Lesson Plan for Preschoolers

Shape Activities: Feely bag game, Bingo, Matching Activity

This lesson plan is great for an early introduction to math concepts by teaching preschool students all about shapes.

Level: Preschool

Daily Objectives:

lesson plan focuses on having students learn about how different shapes have a certain number of corners and then playing a bingo game after learning about circles, rectangles, triangles, and squares--plus they will be able to recite the numbers 1 through 6 so they will understand how to do their bingo board.

Materials & Preparation:

  • Four sets of cards for the different shapes being used
  • Playing chips/tokens
  • Bingo playing-cards with each students with different shapes that are different colors
  • Cardstock cards in different shapes
  • Plastic shape-blocks
  • Big cardstock card with the shapes in various colors to show to the students when playing bingo

Free Printable Shape Activities and Worksheets

Procedures/ Shape Activities:

Feely Bag Game

The first activity involves introducing the students to shapes using a, "Feely," bag. You fill a pillow case with the plastic shape-blocks and have a different students reach-in and choose one. As they feel the shape they can identify what kind it is based on its corners and length.

After the student has correctly identified the shape they can identify an object in the room that is the same shape.

Shape Bingo Game

The next activity is the Bingo game which can be played by groups of 2-4 players. This version of bingo involves recognizing the shapes, and as they will all be different colors students need to pay attention (e.g. they can't just assume a red shape is always a circle). You draw a cardstock, "Calling card," and then name the shape that is illustrated and direct the children to check their card and put a token on their card with that shape--again, regardless of its color.

Number Shapes Matching Activity

To follow-up this activity the students then review the numbers one through six using the number cards that have the matching number of shapes. They put the correct number of the shapes on the number card it goes with.

Color & Shape Bingo Game

Lastly, you can do another Bingo game that does incorporate colors by having it be about colors and shapes. You can call-out both and students only cover their shape if it has the matching color as well, for example, "A green triangle." This is a stellar way to further understanding of the shapes as well as colors.

Photo: For Kids Only Academy, Davie, Florida.

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Shape Introduction Lesson Plan for Preschoolers
October 29, 2019
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