Spider Legs Counting Game

.Charlotte Moore
Spider Legs Counting Game

Spider Legs Counting Game

Red Caboose Child Care Center, Inc. in Madison, Wisconsin did this spider legs counting game that all the students loved! This game helped the preschoolers with developing their counting-skills, number recognition, and building-up their fine motor abilities.

Red Caboose Child Care Center, Inc.
Madison, Wisconsin

How the Game Works

To do the spider legs counting game the students are given a big paper spider that has been laminated with a number on its body. These numbers can range from as few as 1 up to 10 (or you could do even higher numbers if you want! After getting a spider students need to recognize the number upon its body and then they take black clothespins (the spider's legs) and put the correct number upon the spider.

Students can count-up as they put the legs on to be sure they do the right number of them and the process of grasping, pinching, and releasing the clothespins helps with the development of fine motor skills. This activity is also a great way to learn about spiders and talk about how many legs they have in real-life, which is eight!

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Spider Legs Counting Game
November 9, 2019
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