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The benefits of teaching young children about recycling

The benefits of teaching young children about recycling

Recycling is an earth-friendly chore, but your toddler won't understand the concept yet. However, you can introduce the idea by involving him in actions to recycle or reuse materials at home.

Involving your child in recycling will help them learn about environmental responsibility. And for the children who still can't understand this great concept, it will be the opportunity to understand the basic concept of waste.

The more your little one sees doing things like composting vegetable peelings for the garden or reusing recyclable materials to make crafts, the more they'll learn about what can be done with things instead of throwing them away.

Try to explain, in simple terms, what you do to control waste and why. Over time, your child will continue to build on their knowledge as you continue to incorporate recycling and reuse into your daily routine.

it also has to do with reusing what we have in ways other than its intended purpose. A glass jar, for example, can become a flower vase, while cardboard boxes can become exciting new toys.

As your child learns, with your guidance, to reuse different objects, he will begin to think differently. You might see him start reusing materials himself, like turning old newspaper into a cape. Or maybe use a yogurt container to store some of your crayons.

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The benefits of teaching young children about recycling
September 22, 2022
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