Towel Craft Ideas

Towel Craft Ideas

Towel Craft Ideas


Today we learn how to make puppy and teddy bear out of bath or Face towel?

Puppy Towel Craft Ideas

Steps as follow: 1)Roll the wider edges towards the middle2)Fold right edge over 1/3 way and left edge over almost 1/3 way3)Tie the middle tightly with ribbon4)Use fishing line to tie the front part above the ribbons, the tighter you tie, the more puffy the cheek is5)Lastly you make the ear, eyes, nose, mouth with felt paper.Done! 

Bear Tower Craft Ideas

Steps as follow:1)Fold 1 of the narrow edges of a rectangular tower over 2/3 of the way2)Roll the top and bottom edge towards the middle3)Fold the towel into almost 2/3 of it and turn the top corner to form the near of teddy bear.4)Prepare 3 rubber band, one tie around the neck and 2 tie around the ear of bear.5)Place a ribbons around the neck region6)You may place googly eyes and handmade nose for the teddy. A cute teddy is ready! Done!Enjoy and have fun!#DIYTowelCraft # TowerFolding

Towel Craft Ideas
April 23, 2020
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