"Trunk or Treat," Makes for a Fun School Event!

.Ava Jones
"Trunk or Treat," Makes for a Fun School Event!

Primrose School of O'Fallon at WingHaven held their first-ever Trunk or Treat event at the school and it was a huge success!

You may be asking, 'What is a, 'Trunk or Treat?'" and it is an event where everyone parks their cars at a specific location, decorates their trunks for Halloween, and then passes-out candy to the kids who come by each car. Hence, the kids are trick or treating by people's trunks, resulting in the term, "Trunk or Treat."

These events are often great for families with small children who don't want to have to walk around to a bunch of stranger's houses because, "Trunk or Treat," events are generally held by schools, churches, or other groups of people a family knows! Doing a, "Trunk or Treat," is also a great way to encourage creativity as some people really go all-out with their decorations.

It is always a delight when a a school has a, "Trunk or Treat." Just look at some of the trunks and all the fun everyone had at Primrose School of O'Fallon at Winghaven below!


Primrose School of O'Fallon at WingHaven


There were trunks filled to the brim with scary skeletons, trunks with cute witch-themed cats, race-cars by one trunk, and a trunk with a super-hero theme!

Plus, there was a, "Star Wars," trunk with spaceships in addition to a really snazzy trunk with a tea party reminiscent of, "Alice in Wonderland." Not to mention a trunk that looked like the board game, "Candyland," as well as one trunk that paid tribute to the Disney movie, "Frozen."

With such a wide variety of ideas it is clear that when it comes to doing a, "Trunk or Treat," the only limit participants have is their own imagination! All of the families loved seeing the gorgeous trunks and getting candy as they went car-to-car.

Plus, there was some delicious food inside the school for when everyone was done getting candy and had worked-up an appetite for chili, brisket, and nachos!

It may have been Primose School of O'Fallon at Winghaven's first, "Trunk or Treat," but it was so successful they are already planning for next year! If your school does not yet do a Trunk or Treat event it is a wonderful thing to consider doing as not only is it fun, it helps bring the community closer together.


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"Trunk or Treat," Makes for a Fun School Event!
October 27, 2019
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